Pinces Multimètres numérique

clamp meter is convenient for measuring instruments that allows the measurement of current simply by clamping a wire while being energized without cutting a circuit. In cases of measurement by a multitester and digital multimeter, the circuit must be cut to measure current. In contrast, with a clamp meter, current can be measured simply by clamping a live wire over its sheath. In addition to its simple operation, it allows safe measurement of a higher current.

DER EE is a distributor of clamp meter, and ISO-9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified professional manufacturer. Our company is characterized by high quality, high performance, best services and competitive prices. Since the company's founded in 1981, DER EE offers the variety of clamp meters designed for the measurement

DE-35 Pince multimètre sans fil (AC/DC)

modèle : DE-35

DE-3501 Pinces Multimètres numérique

modèle : DE-3501

DE-3502 Pinces Multimètres numérique

modèle : DE-3502

DE-3503 Pinces Multimètres numérique

modèle : DE-3503(RMS)

DE-3505 Pinces Multimètres numérique

modèle : DE-3505(RMS)

DE-3506 Pinces Multimètres numérique

modèle : DE-3506

DE-3507 Pinces Multimètres numérique

modèle : DE-3507(RMS)

DE-3511 Pince Multimètre AC/DC

modèle : DE-3511

DE-3512 Pince Multimètre AC/DC

modèle : DE-3512

DE-3513 Pince Multimètre AC/DC

modèle : DE-3513(RMS)

DE-3515 Pince Multimètre AC/DC

modèle : DE-3515(RMS)

DE-3516 Pince Multimètre AC/DC

modèle : DE-3516